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Prosperity Creation is Our Headline

Prosperity creation goes hand in hand with environment protection, renewable energy, farming and entrepreneurship.

Tackle the problems

There are numerous promising projects with excellent ideas and a motivating start. But we have seen good projects fail. Leaving behind disillusioned participants, burst ideas, wasted money and scorched earth for future projects.

For more than 35 years we have been developing ideas and bringing projects on the ground that create prosperity, climate care and biodiversity. More often than not it takes new approaches and the linkage of ideas to create something sustainable for nature and people.

We bring our practicable experience as project owners, our extensive network of experts from various backgrounds built up over decades and our open approach so you and your projects can profit from our knowledge and experience.

We have worked on and finalized projects in more than 15 developing countries across Asia, Africa and South America over the last 20 years.

You know the problem and have the overview. We help you to use the right technology or combination of technologies and apply it to your specific project situation.

For us it is important to create a win-win-win situation.

Prosperity to the people, help the environment and have a successful green project for you.

A few examples out of 50 where we solved projects with innovative ideas

When water hyacinths are blocking waterbodies and preventing fishers to fish:

  • Take them and turn the weed into black gold – biochar – and create employment.

When most biogas plants only use maize and all you see is mono-culture:

  • Create a biogas plant that can operate on waste such as rice straw, EFB and other agricultural and food industry waste.

When shepherds have to give up their jobs and the land is being left idle:

  • Create an own lamb meat brand and work together with the local hotels to get best profit margins.

We realized projects in Germany, Thailand, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Maldives, and others.

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The 6 success factors for biogas projects – now in UNIDO’s new publication

UNIDO (United Nation Industrial Development Organization) has accompanied and support numerous biogas, biomass and biofuel projects in the past worldwide. To compile and share experience, UNIDO held an Expert Group Meeting on biomass with participants from various countries and backgrounds to discuss the lessons learnt for successful biomass projects.

Katharina Danner was invited as resource person for biogas, giving her expertise on international biogas projects to the participants.

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The 3 biggest benefits with straw digestion

Benefit 1: Up to 50 % less nutrients at the same biogas quantitiy makes it easier to match with the fertiliser ordinance.

Benefit 2: No new final storage necessary because straw contains only little water. Separation even pulls water out of the system.

Benefit 3: Straw has a calculable price because no animal wants to have it will.

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