Prosperity with Practically Proven SLP Carbon Sink Technologies

How you do successful and sustainable biochar and biogas projects in developing and emerging countries


Practical experience is the game changer

How to ensure project success in developing countries for carbon sink technologies

There are numerous promising projects with excellent ideas and a motivating start. But we have seen good projects fail. Leaving behind disillusioned participants, burst ideas, wasted money and scorched earth for future projects.


On paper most projects look good. Excel sheets are so patient. Then reality hits.

There are numerous consultants which can do perfect feasibility studies – on paper. But have actually never done a project from scratch and brought it alive.

Mostly it is not the big things that let a project fail or not succeed in practice. It is the small things which are often overlooked by pure paper consultants.

End of the story is a lot of wasted resources – money, time and effort

Personal practical experience in Carbon Sink technologies

For us this meant success stories (and paying for our lessons learnt)

For more than 35 years we are developing ideas and bring projects on the ground that bring prosperity, climate care and biodiversity.

More often than not it takes new approaches and the linkage of ideas to create something sustainable for nature and people.

In many cases we failed, because we DIDN’T KNOW, WHAT WE DIDN’T KNOW.

We paid our lessons.

We looked and look behind the curtain to see the problem behind the problem.

We are a company and entrepreneurs. We are not tied to conventions. This gives us more flexibility to act.

Success is the result.

Now we are able to produce successful projects for you.

Weltkarte mit Biogasanlagen
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Carbon Sink Technologies

How to reduce carbon in the atmosphere by combining biogas & biochar

Why Carbon Sink Technologies?

Biomass plays a central role in our human life. We live from it, we live with it and in it.

Biomass gives us food, shelter and energy.

It is abundant.

And it is a Carbon Sink.

Bioenergy can produce the electricity needed in production. The heat for a whole factory. The fertilizer to have double the yields.

But so many bioenergy projects fail – because of lack of knowledge or wrong technology.

Bioenergy is simple, but not easy. The devil is in the details.

Biomüll für Biogasanlage
napier grass
Pommes als Biogas Abfall
potato waste

Bespoke Solutions for Your Carbon Sink Project

We love carbon sink projects combined with prosperity generation

The last 30 years we created and established prosperity generation projects in regional

The last 25 years we combined it with carbon sink technologies such as biogas and gasifier – worldwide.

The last 5 years we added biochar and terra preta – worldwide.
We act on the ground with own investment. We developed, invested and operated own MSW and energy crop biogas plants. We developed and invested in own gasifier. We produce our own biochar with own developed kilns and retorts.

Hands on – not on paper only.

We developed training programs and facilities for biomass and carbon sink technologies in Europe, Asia, South America and Africa. Physically. Touchable. Still in operation.
If you need someone, who develops and executes your project to physical success –

ask us!

Success Stories

Carbon Sink Solutions


Biogas International

You have a biogas project, want to get rid of waste, need cheap electricity or heat or just want to make profit from biogas.

Snow Leopard Projects (SLP) has designed and built more than 50 biogas plants in 14 countries on 4 continents in a range of capacities from 10 kW (Container Type) to 4 MW.

We are practical. No desktop consultants and engineers. When we started in 1994 with no big biogas consulting branch around, we had to solve each small and big problem by ourselves.

We are specialized on digestion of fibrous biomass as straw, EFB, Napier grass or agricultural by-products on the one hand. And specialized on energy rich biomass as slaughterhouse waste or fat.
With our Batch hydrolysis we can digest easily, where regular biogas plants have problems with.

Our service ranges from a feasibility study to project development. And we offer a “done for you service” until turn-key.

More info here and in our Blog

Walter Danner und eine Gruppe dunkelhäutiger Menschen

Biochar - Terra Preta

You have branches from pruning, trunks or fronds from oil palms or any other woody biomass. Add value to it.

With our SLP Semi-industrial Carbon Box you can produce biochar anywhere.

The investment is only 3-5% to the industrial pyrolysis systems.

The operation is easy and simple. Just load it, start it, it runs by itself until the production of pyrolysis gas is exhausted. Then unload it. Loading is done with a forklift or a front loader or a tiny portal crane.

With the biochar you enrich your soil, boost yield, reduce fertilizer and pesticide costs, mitigate draught risks.

We have project cases with 1600 % return within 4 months with the application of biochar to vegetable.

You can’t believe it?

More info here and in our Blog

Eine Gruppe Menschen

Consulting/ Developing Countries

“Done for You” – this is, what we do for customers.

From fact finding, to business cases, to implementation – we have practical experience from our own plants and projects. For biomass projects.

We are entrepreneurial. And you get this special commitment and spirit, which delivers successful projects.

We work only for customers and develop projects for a healthier earth. We are not interested in bullshit projects, which destroy the environment.

We worked in and for 24 countries. So, we know that projects success is not easy. Better – it is extremely difficult. This difficulty is one reason, why so many projects failed in the past.

Therefore, we like it to keep the strings in our hand, do the work and deliver the success to our customers.

More info here and in our Blog

Do you need a carbon sink solution?

for Prosperity Creation - for Climate - for Waste Management - for Profit!

About us

Walter und Katharina Danner
Walter & Katharina Danner

We are a father-daughter team with core employees. The next generation is already on board.

We are grounded in rural Bavaria (Germany) and operate worldwide.

A network of suppliers, experts and friends support our core team for projects worldwide. We sourced biogas staff from Kenya for UK or Eastern Europe for Africa.

This gives us highest flexibility and mobility. No project is to small. No project is too big.

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The 6 success factors for biogas projects – now in UNIDO’s new publication

UNIDO (United Nation Industrial Development Organization) has accompanied and support numerous biogas, biomass and biofuel projects in the past worldwide. To compile and share experience, UNIDO held an Expert Group Meeting on biomass with participants from various countries and backgrounds to discuss the lessons learnt for successful biomass projects.

Katharina Danner was invited as resource person for biogas, giving her expertise on international biogas projects to the participants.

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The 3 biggest benefits with straw digestion

Benefit 1: Up to 50 % less nutrients at the same biogas quantitiy makes it easier to match with the fertiliser ordinance.

Benefit 2: No new final storage necessary because straw contains only little water. Separation even pulls water out of the system.

Benefit 3: Straw has a calculable price because no animal wants to have it will.

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